the lighting was exceptionally bad this morning, but I promised photos, so here they are!

 She has a face so familiar, I could cry. 

 I had been looking for Odontomantis sp. yesterday, but they’ve gone out of season and are nowhere to be found. A little disheartened, I was about to give up my search, but decided to check out one more tree for the sake of it. 
 Boy, I’m so glad I did.

 The very first thing I saw was this little girl, staring boldly down at me from her perch. Fearless as she was, she climbed right onto my finger when I offered it. I couldn’t believe my luck.

 These mantises are tree dwellers, and hang hiiigh up in the tree canopies, which makes them very difficult to deliberately find. Normally, when people find Heirodula sp. nymphs, it’s by chance that they’ve been blown off from their tall trees. Such was the case for this girl. Sean and I scoured the small tree for any siblings, but there was only her.
 I’ve been on cloud nine since finding her, I’m so happy ; u;

 We’ve named her Cheuun (ชื่น) and she is so tiny right now… Hardly larger than my finger nail.
 One day, she’ll be big and beautiful—but today, all she wants to do is climb up and up and up!! 



okay so ima gonna blame julia for dragging me into this cool contest. Its a design contest, Michelle Czajowski, the author of Ava’s Demon is holding up. I created a demon representing seasickness, hence her name, Nauseo, which i believe is “sea sick” in latin. Her hair is made of souls that she collects by using the amulet on her chest, making the souls take shape of fishes. When she died and became attached to a Host, she lost all of her hair, becoming bald, embarassed and enraged. 

EDIT: i was bit unhappy with the text so i fixed some things//added the host that i drew alongside with the demon, felt like why not.

Good luck everyone!